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Are you someone who finds, creates or provides memorable and meaningful services experiences for others?

Do you use your insight and skill on a daily basis to help others be successful?

Would you like to grow your professional network and success?

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No matter your number of years of practice or chosen profession - Event Planner, Dog Walker, Real Estate Agent, Lawyer, Concierge, Care Giver, Professional Consultant, Personal Stylist, Investment Counselor, Tutor, Marketing Guru, Doctor, Travel Agent, Photographer, Coach or Architect - we all help others live their lives better. Join us as we celebrate, collaborate on and share our insights, services and opportunities with one another. 

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At craftsight we are looking for experienced professionals with 5+ years' experience to join us at so people who need your help can easily find you, understand what makes you different and experience what you have to offer. The journey to become a craftsight listed expert starts with an initial conversation. Simply fill out the form below and I will reach out to book a time for us to talk about your credentials and our membership levels.

Chris Henry
Founder + CEO, craftsight